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SEAL KING is more than just a tape supplier.

Our mission is to offer the best adhesive solutions for your business needs with the help of Seal King expert team. We specialize in providing a range of adhesive tapes, including:

  • Resealable Bag Sealing Tape
  • Permanent Sealing Tape
  • Security Tape with different functions
  • Stationery Tape
  • OEM & ODM

We are committed to meeting your needs as a priority, and welcome you to schedule an online meeting with us to discuss further

Why Choose SEAL KING

Pioneer of Tape Industry, 40+ Years of History.

Exported Worldwide, Over 80+ Countries.

Own Factory and R&D Team, 200+ Professional Workers.

Eco-friendly formula, No VOCs emission

Company Profile

In the early of  1980, the global bag sealing market is of  the era of  low volume high values. Contemporarily ,in Taiwan, a young team, decided to delicate a development for producing this product, is in its way to popularize it.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Learn More

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